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My Voice - Mindset

There are days when nothing seems to go exactly to plan. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about here; you get up in the morning intending to do everything on your priority list and someone goes and throws a spanner in the works with some kind of emergency that needs all your attention for the entire day. ( this is where our emotions are all over the place too) All your plans have gone out of the window and you are completely hijacked. Those are the days that we either go with the flow and learn from them or be crushed under the weight of overwhelm. It seems we all struggle with this very real phenomena in our lives. Nothing here on planet earth is perfect and there are circumstances that really require you to put on your big girl or big boy pants and just get stuck into dealing with them. But don't be disheartened if you feel the overwhelm or stress because there is light at the end of the tunnel. What I mean by that, is there is a way to build resilience through MINDSET.

I want to be helpful here and not just give you fancy words, expressions or a bunch of fluff. What I want to do, is give you 5 really helpful tips on how to use your mind so that it serves you in a much more profitable way where you benefit every single day from applying a few very simple tips.


Make a decision to be open to change - being open and accepting of change is an important part of learning new concepts for growth. It will become your new helpful habit.


If you want success, you need to make what is familiar; unfamiliar and what is unfamiliar; familiar - as humans we will always move towards pleasure and away from pain. There will be times where you will feel uncomfortable until your new habit becomes familiar but that's okay just go with it.


Be careful with what you feed your mind with - thinking produces our feelings and emotions so use clear, positive powerful words that will manifest in your body and make you feel good. Words and phrases like; This excites me. I love my life. I can do it! I am enough. I am confident. This thrills me. I am worthy. I am consistent. I am peaceful and calm & so on.


Visualisation will add to your success - use your imagination to create colourful, vivid pictures of what you want to achieve. Make them detailed so that your mind will get excited and go right ahead to create your dream. The more you practice this and feel the feelings; the more you will feel that it is already happening in your life.


Take time to reset and recharge - be kind to yourself during this process as the mind will take on the new quite quickly if you allow it to. However the body will have what we call 'lag time' and will take a little longer to catch up. This is because the body is used to long standing habits but anything can change with consistency and effort on a daily basis.



Being happy is a choice. Regardless of our circumstances, our past, our families, our income and our lifestyle. Happiness is a conscious decision that we make every single day. I know sometimes it’s not easy to decide this but if you want something bad enough you’ll seek it out. Choose your happiness today and don’t wait a moment longer, life is too short!

And don't forget - I'm Always here to help!

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