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RTT is a combination of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming NLP, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy CBT. RTT has specific techniques that are specifically aimed at achieving results and achieving those results rapidly. RTT is not just the conventional hypnotherapy either which involves positive suggestions during a hypnotic state, instead it does get to the root cause of your issue, then it uproots it and transforms those outdated beliefs so that 100% of your mind can easily and effortlessly move in the direction of what you really want in life.

Change is absolutely available to you and my goal is to help you to break free from all those limiting beliefs. 

So take the leap of faith. This is the answer you've been looking for all your life and I am so excited to be able to work with you and watch your transformation unfold.

My Service:

  • 15 minute discovery call where you find out what RTT is and how it can help you with your issues. Plus answer any questions you may have including the fee.

  • 90-120 RTT session either in person or via Zoom. 

  • A personalized audio recording.

  • 3 weeks follow up either by phone, email or text depending on your personal needs.


What I do:

  • I set people free from their issues that have been holding them back.

  • I hold a safe space for you to be and express yourself freely.

  • Create positive permanent lasting change.

  • Give you professional support throughout the process.

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