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My Voice - Change Your Thinking

What would it take for you to change your thinking?

We all have different mindsets about life but what if I told you that by changing your thinking, you could create an entirely different view of the world that will benefit and enhance your life. Sounds appealing doesn't it?!

Go ahead, sign me up right now I hear you say?

Well, I'm glad to hear that because learning to do this is far easier than you think. BUT it does take commitment from each individual and a willingness to be open to unlearn what you've already been taught in the past.

Here's why - The way we are trained to think and the language we use is actually working against us. Often we use phrases that are negative even when we think they are positive. But until they are pointed out to your consciousness you possibly have no idea how it's affecting you. We are taught phrases like...I could never do that or I wish blah blah blah..., or one day I'll be successful..., or we can't afford that..., or I'll try it out but..., or it's not easy so it must not be for me..., and the list goes on.

Beep, beep, beep are the alarm bells ringing for you yet?

As you can clearly see that by telling yourself and others these types of phrases that they are not helpful to you and genuinely hinder your personal growth and progress. Just know this is not your fault and the good news is, that it can be corrected.

Another tip to remember; is that your mind is always listening to what you say. So be aware of your negative self-talk as this can work against you. Make the words you say to yourself and to others powerful and positive words because your mind likes to be excited and responds really well to this type of communication.

So here's three phrases that I would like you to keep in mind along this journey....

1. Your thoughts control your feelings.

2. Your feelings control your actions.

3. Your actions control your events.

This means that by taking control of your thinking and also understanding what you are doing on a conscious level by using powerful positive words, you can literally create a new mindset. This new mindset also manifests itself in the body so your behaviour changes for the better as you grow personally.

Here are some positive phrases to say to yourself and to others that will help you along -

I am lovable.

I am confident.

I have phenomenal coping skills.

I love my life and deserve good things.

I am capable of doing everything I set my mind to.

I am in control of what I think and do all the time.

I am enough, I always have been and I always will be.


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